Frequently Asked Questions

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[ 1 ] What Is UtilityBot ?

UtilityBot is an advanced, multipurpose discord bot created with the goal of making running a server easy. Featuring a Global Economy, Moderation, Utility, and more,

UtilityBot is a one-stop-shop for servers everywhere!

[ 2 ] How Can I Invite UtilityBot To My Server?

You can invite UtilityBot to your server with this link. Thanks for your support! #invite-our-bot

[ 3 ] Why Isn't UtilityBot Responding?

There are multiple reasons why UtilityBot could not be responding. The first and most likely is that UtilityBot is currently experiencing an outage. Please check #changelog for outages, updates, or restarts. If there is no outage currently, please make sure UtilityBot has permissions to read and send messages. If you are still experiencing an issue, please create a new support ticket using -new

[ 4 ] How do I apply for staff?

Staff applications will be announced in #... When they're open.

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